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As a prospective client of Cascade Linear you'll be wondering in what manner our services will be performed. Our office is in the Seattle area of Washington State where we perform our design engineering.  Each project will have periodic interim design reviews and final design and layout reviews at the customers location.

Our compensation will be linked to well-defined design milestones designed to keep the project on schedule. Written progress report documents will be issued regularly.

We provide these services:

Specification Creation

Transistor-level Circuit Design

Standard product or design for cell-library

Analog functions for Digital design houses that lack Analog expertise

We work independently, or as partners with an existing in-house design team.  We will help you to succeed. Our fees are well positioned and our staff are competent, courteous, practical and highly experienced. We will work hard to get the design done on-time, within your budget and with fully functional and parametrically correct first-silicon.